How to repel bed bugs from skin?

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Question by anonymousP:
How to repel bed bugs from skin?

YES the place has been bombed and sprayed. Don’t say “just kill them” because that is ignorant. They don’t die that easily, look it up. And one day, we will be rid of them but I want to have something to do IN THE MEAN TIME.

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Answer by margaret m
Vinegar of the four thieves.

We had a really bad flea epidemic in TX this past summer and the frontline wasn’t working. In desperation I used some on my dog and it worked wonders. It’s not good for pregnant women but other than that it makes a wonderful insect repellent for all kinds of insects and can be rubbed directly on the skin.

There are many recipes. I used these herbs.

Soak them in vinegar for two weeks and there you have it.

You may want more immediate relief and can buy it online.

Google vinegar of the four thieves to find it online or google VFT recipe to find a plethora of recipes.

The story goes that there were some perfumers robbing houses of those who had died from the plague in France. At first the authorities did nothing to pursue them assuming they would be dead in short order. They did not stop and were eventually apprehended. They traded their recipe for their lives and then were hanged anyway.

There is a lot of history and lore surrounding this formula. I know that it definitely works in this day and age.

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