What Is a Bedbug Mattress Cover?

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Bedbug bits remind me of my childhood, when I asked my mother: ‘Why do they bite me and not my friend?’ My mother answered, smiling: ‘Your blood is sweeter, honey!’ Recently, dealing with some bedbugs in the living room, I tried to recall what my mother die for getting rid of them at the time. She boiled the sheets and all of my clothes in hot water in the backyard and she cleaned the furniture thoroughly. Sadly, my favorite pink mattress ended up in the garbage, since it was full of tiny, brown insects.

Fortunately, today, there are several means to keep bedbugs away from our families. Therefore, after calling the exterminators, I decided to try a bedbug mattress cover. This has proved to be an inexpensive way to salvage my brand new (and expensive) mattress, just in case the insects were planning to come back. Bed bug mattress covers are available in two models:

1. Vinyl box springs
2. Cotton zippered mattress covers

Hum, tough choice especially when it comes to the price. Vinyl box springs are affordable, which is fine with me, but if I think it over, summers are kind of hot in our town, and I don’t want to sleep on a ‘hot’ bed at 40 Celsius degrees. On the other hand, I have cotton bedbug mattress covers, which are a bit more expensive, but very appropriate especially for kids. In addition, they are hypo-allergenic if you are sensible to certain fabrics and they come with a zipper that makes them extra easy to put on the mattress.

What if bedbugs craw inside before I put the bedbug mattress cover? No problem! As far as I checked, bed bugs will eventually die inside the case since they cannot get outside and feed, even after a year. Those mattress covers close the mattress entirely, thanks to the zipper, so nothing will ever ‘bug’ you any more.
So why buy a bed bug mattress cover instead of a regular one? I asked myself. Regular mattresses don’t encompass the mattress in totality, and the little crawlers still have access to your body.

• A reliable bedbug mattress cover needs to be thick, tightly knit and comfortable.

• Bed bugs have powerful jaws, and if the mattress doesn’t fulfill the first couple of the above conditions, they will break out and continue their blood fiesta.

Some people even take such mattress covers with them when traveling, simply because bed bugs have become a word wide problem. It is common to find such little guests in your hotel room, but no one would like to take them home if you understand me. Use a bed bug mattress cover to prevent them creeping inside your bags and wash it with hot water after you use it. That would keep you safe for a while, but who knows, maybe bed bugs have other hiding places besides your bed… Stay alert and take measures as soon as you find any other signs that bed bugs are trying to take over the house!

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Enoch March 22, 2011 at 8:27 pm

Hi, I have little splotches of dark red on my mattress and it looks like blood. I also have a few red dots on my skin. The weird thing is that my mattress and blanket are brand new and I’m on a loft bed. Do you think I have bed bugs? Tell me what you think.


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