How to Deal with Hotel Bedbugs

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Let’s play a little game: I’ll ask you something and if you answer me right, I will tell you everything you need to know about hotel bed bugs.

Here we go: What is the most common place for bed bugs to install their camp?

I am sure you came up with ‘the bed, the mattress, the rugs’ and few other answers. Well, the truth is that ‘Wherever there are humans, there will be bedbugs’, according to Dr. Changlu Wang. ’
Recent studies have indicated that the bed bug infestation has returned in many countries, and the US is not an exception. Hotels specifically are the best development environment for bed bugs, because you can always find there a ‘something to bite’, with all the people coming and going.

Ok, so is there anything we can do? Should we simply stay home to avoid bedbug infestation? This is a drastic measure, don’t you think? Here are few effective tips on how to deal with hotel bedbugs. Hopefully next time you go on vacation you will not return with a small, brown, memento…

• First of all, you need to understand that bedbugs don’t live exclusively in the bed area, the mattress or the covers. Those nosy insects can be found in any crack you can tell, starting with the floors and ending with the room’s walls. Therefore, the safest place to leave your suitcase is the bathroom (or somewhere where is linoleum on the floor).

• Check the bed thoroughly. Remove the sheets, the comforter sets, inspect the mattress and see if there are any reddish brown bugs, the size of an apple seed.

• Signs of blood, dark, little spots on the mattress are a good indicator of the existence of bedbugs.

• Continue with the head board, chairs or nightstands. Bedbugs like to hide in furniture cracks as well. Use a source of light to make sure you don’t miss any signs (preferable a flashlight).

• Don’t leave the suitcase on the floor. Bedbugs are very active, and they can easily find new places to conquer, if you offer them a good chance.

• Use a bedbug mattress cover for the duration of your staying. This will keep bedbugs away from your skin and probably your luggage.

I know that it seems like a time consuming task for some little insects. However, you need to understand that bedbugs are harmless, unless you create them the perfect place the live and reproduce. This means you should not offer them a chance to enter your personal belongings while you stay at the hotel, otherwise they will fight you every step of the way.

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