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Barbara J. Feldman

Barbara J. Feldman

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I am a syndicated newspaper columnist, online publisher, blogger, tech evangelist, empty-nest mom and wife. I have been making a living online since 1996. Surfnetkids.com is my flagship site for parents and teachers, but in total I have more than 55+ websites attracting more than 1.4 million visitors a month. For more details, check out my umbrella site: Feldman Publishing.

My online career began with my weekly newspaper column “Surfing the Net with Kids”, my vehicle for recommending the best educational sites on large variety of topics. This evolved into a website that contains my weekly column, games for kids, and a membership site for teachers who need printable Internet handouts for classroom or computer lab.

My interest in computers began in my teens, and resulted in a B.S. in Information & Computer Science from UC Irvine in 1976. During my twenty-year career as a programmer, I worked for mini-computer manufacturers (such as Varian Data Machines and Sperry-Univac) as well as for myself as an independent consultant helping small businesses build database applications for PCs. I am a nerd from way back: from the days of punch cards, paper tape loaders, and 10MB hard drives the size of microwave ovens (but , of course, there were no microwave ovens in those days!)

Because my email is heavily filtered, the best way to reach me is via my help desk at: Reply to Barbara.

Barbara J. Feldman
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