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Getting rid of bedbugs is not an easy matter, especially if they had enough time to inspect the house and to find some great hiding places.

I know, it can be very upsetting finding all the signs that indicate you have bedbugs and not being able to do anything about those upsetting bites. While some people choose to buy insect spray, others choose to work with professional exterminators in order to make sure bedbugs are gone for good.

Take note: you have some serious competition over the bedroom, and bedbugs will not give up easily to their new territory. According to the National Pest Organization, bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding. So if you think that leaving the house will let them starve to death, think twice. Those little guys are tough, and they can even resist freezing temperatures all the way up to Fahrenheit 113!

OK, so let’s see what we can do for exterminating bedbugs:

Step 1 – Preparing the Battlefield

Vacuum the house thoroughly, starting with the bedroom and continuing with the rest of the house. Don’t leave any corner uninspected; you will offer bedbugs an immense advantage. Vacuum the carpets, the closets, the nightstand, any piece of furniture that could provide shelter to the ‘enemy’.

Step 2 – Give Them a Piece of Your Mind

Wash or dry clean any piece of textile you have, starting with sheets, comforter sets, rugs, towels in the hottest water. Make sure you leave them for a while in hot water, because you cannot let any of them escape or lay any more eggs.

Step 3 – Total Annihilation

If you are lucky, you can get rid of bedbugs simply by following the first couple of steps. However, if the infestation has reached a superior level, don’t let this wait until tomorrow. Bedbug bites can get infected (if scratched), and you can even contact hepatitis B or C. therefore, it is not a matter of hygiene, but also a matter of health.

Exterminators use powerful combinations of chemicals to kill the bedbug colony, and sometimes hot steam. Your task is to caulk all the cracks in the walls and the existing furniture and to make sure all textile items are boiled in hot water (washed at high temperatures). One of the best hiding spots for bedbugs is the bed mattress, so don’t be surprised to find them there, waiting for the moon to rise. It is hard to remove bedbugs from the mattress, so you will probably have to throw it in the dumpster.
Bedbugs can really turn your house upside down, but remember: once you get rid of them, pay attention or they might be back. They travel light and easy, using you as a carrier!

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