About Bedbugs

5 Things to Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs have been known to live alongside humans for centuries and have been mentioned in different circumstances throughout history and studied. Bedbugs have been documented throughout history and there have been beliefs that they have medicinal properties, such as being used in treatments for hysteria, snake bites and ear infections. Today, they are seen as […]

Bedbug Pest Control

There is no magic solution to bedbug pest control treatments. All you need to do to get started is: A flashlight Basic tools to open outlets Products to kill them A deep inspection of your home Most of all, the ability to repeat the process as many times as it takes If you are unable […]

Bedbug Mattress Covers

Bedbugs have begun to appear in more and more houses and not only in those which have poor overall hygiene. If your house is infested with bedbugs or is at a high risk of infestation, a way to prevent or work against bedbugs is with the means of a bedbug mattress cover, as it prevents […]

About Bedbug Sprays

When you have a bedbug infestation you need to begin a thorough household disinfection. The reason for this is because bedbugs tend to have their refugia, the place where they reside, in all the small cracks near the place where you sleep. Because of this, it is advisable that you use liquid pesticides and more […]

What You Need to Know About Bedbugs

Most of us have a question or two about bedbugs. In the following, I will present to you what you need to know about bedbugs, and to answer the most frequently asked questions. Are bedbug infestations related to the living conditions? This is partially true; an unclean house offers multiple hiding places and the host […]

Useful Tips To Help You Deal with Bedbugs at College

If you’ve arrived at college to discover you have a problem with bedbugs, then you’ll probably be eager to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Bedbugs received their name due to their tendency to inhabit sleeping areas, however you’ll most likely find they are not exclusively present in the bed. In order to get […]

Getting Rid of Bedbugs

Getting rid of bedbugs is not an easy matter, especially if they had enough time to inspect the house and to find some great hiding places. I know, it can be very upsetting finding all the signs that indicate you have bedbugs and not being able to do anything about those upsetting bites. While some […]

What Is a Bedbug Mattress Cover?

Bedbug bits remind me of my childhood, when I asked my mother: ‘Why do they bite me and not my friend?’ My mother answered, smiling: ‘Your blood is sweeter, honey!’ Recently, dealing with some bedbugs in the living room, I tried to recall what my mother die for getting rid of them at the time. […]

How to Deal with Hotel Bedbugs

Let’s play a little game: I’ll ask you something and if you answer me right, I will tell you everything you need to know about hotel bed bugs. Here we go: What is the most common place for bed bugs to install their camp? I am sure you came up with ‘the bed, the mattress, […]

Bedbug Facts

Brown, flattened and hungry for blood… Not, I am not talking about some dangerous predator, yet the bed bug can be considered like one in the insects’ world. With a history that goes back in ancient times, bedbugs have had enough time to produce up to 92 species of different ‘cousins’, all over the globe. […]