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If you’ve arrived at college to discover you have a problem with bedbugs, then you’ll probably be eager to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Bedbugs received their name due to their tendency to inhabit sleeping areas, however you’ll most likely find they are not exclusively present in the bed. In order to get rid of these problematic pests, start by cleaning bed linen, using an effective pesticide and doing a super thorough clean of the area in and around your bed. Bedbugs can spread if you have contact with other places where the bugs are. It is also recommended that you clean your linen independently, to ensure that you don’t find that the bugs are present again in future.

Tips for Dealing with Bedbugs at College

Like most other pests that can find their way in, bedbugs can be eliminated through the use of chemical pesticides and thorough cleaning. These tips will help to get rid of the bugs from your college residence and prevent them from coming back again in future:

Chemical Treatment – Using pesticides is often best left to a professional. If you have discovered bedbugs at college, then you might want to investigate the options for having a professional bug exterminator in to eliminate these pesky insects.

Changing and Cleaning of Bed Linen – While the chemical treatment is taking place, make sure that you’ve correctly cleaned all of your bed linen to kill the bugs. Bedbugs will not survive prolonged exposure to temperatures over around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. By washing linen at temperatures over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be confident of getting rid of them. After washing, be sure to avoid mixing your linen with any others. It may be that this is how the problem arose in the first place.

Cleaning an Infected Bed – Bedbugs are ‘sneaky’ and will hide and nest in any small crevices, in furniture and in particular bed posts, bed slats and other components of the bed. When you are cleaning after an outbreak, ensure that you get into all these spots to dust and vacuum. Clean the whole of the bed, surrounding furniture and ensure that you clean every single surface, both top and on the underside.

Thoroughly Vacuuming the Room – When vacuuming in this situation, ensure that you reach each and every corner of your room. Take the time to use upholstery attachments and clean sofas, mattresses, around and underneath rugs, and any other soft furnishing in which the bugs could be hiding.

Cleaning the Rest of the Room – You may not have the option to undertake repairs of cracks in walls or spaces between the floor and skirting boards, but if possible put in an order to have any problems such as this repaired. These are locations where the bedbugs could nest, so it pays to fix these spots to avoid another outbreak. An alternative option to handling this may be to invest in a small hand held steam cleaner which can be used to target those spaces where the bugs may be nesting.

Finding that you have bedbugs when you arrive at college is not an ideal start to your campus experience, but it can be handled and the bugs can be eliminated by following the tips offered here. Covering all the bases is the best way to quickly get rid of these insects and ensure that they don’t return.

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