Avoiding rooms with bedbugs?

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Avoiding rooms with bedbugs?

So next year I’m living in a co-op at my university and I know that some of the rooms are invested with bedbugs. Can I demand to be put in a different room or will they not listen to me??

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Don’t sleep in a bed.

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ranger_co_1_75 March 7, 2011 at 5:21 am

If one room has bed bugs, the other rooms have bed bugs. They travel from room to room. They will need to fumigate the entire building to kill them out, and it will last until the next person with bed bugs at home bring in their furniture and bedding.

Buy yourself a good supply of Deet ( Mosquito Spray) and spray the bed often. Sprinkle Sevin around the floor and in the corners, anyplace a bug might hide. Sevin hasn’t been shown to be a danger to warm blooded animals and is used extensively by farmers for flea and tick control on livestock and pets.

With Mosquito Spray ( Deet ) and Sevin, you will drive the bugs out of the room and frequent re applications will keep them from entering again.


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