How can I tell where I got bedbug bites from?

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Question by jas0885:
How can I tell where I got bedbug bites from?

I saw bed bug bites on myself recently and a couple of weeks ago. I’m wondering if there is a way to tell where I got them from since there could be several places. I’ve never had to deal with bedbugs before but I just moved to a new apartment in December. I also sleep at my boyfriends place on the weekends. I also just begin working at a residential facility where there have been cases of bed bugs before.

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as the name suggests, from a bed. My suggestion is to – in all beds that you sleep in, wash the sheets and dry in a hot dryer. Spray the mattress and vacuum it. If you’ve never had to deal with them before, or don’t know what they look like, be sure its not flea bites. If you’ve just moved into an apartment, the previous dwellers may have had animals, so you may have fleas in your carpet.

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Seurat March 1, 2011 at 3:47 pm

It’s really difficult to know how an infestation starts. It could have already been in the new apartment you moved into. You could have picked them up anywhere, including from books you might have borrowed from a public library (eggs can be present in book spines, or in any little crevice in the book).


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