can bedbugs live on or in floors?

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Question by tami c:
can bedbugs live on or in floors?

had them befor threw out the old bed got a new bed and their back around 3 months later.also threw out the old bedding as well vacummed the floor cause the room doesnt have carpenting also where do they come from please help

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Answer by Rio
Bedbugs are fast little bugs and they can hide anywhere. I had them once and I would find them on books, shelves, bookbags, everywhere. They take forever to get rid of. I hired a professional and it still didn’t get rid of them. I ended up having to go over the apt like 15 times looking everywhere at every inch till I finally got them all. There were eggs all over the curtains and I washed them like five times just to make sure the bugs were dead.

You probably picked them up while traveling, a guest could have brought it on their clothes, or they could come from the neighbors.

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Bert_V February 9, 2011 at 2:28 pm

I remember hearing something on the radio about bedbugs coming down the wall and climbing the legs of beds. The suggested action was to place the legs of the bed in a plastic container inside a larger container of water. The explanation being that bedbugs cannot cross water. Probably garbage but an interesting thought. Good luck.


Dave B February 9, 2011 at 2:42 pm

its like lice you have to wash every thing in the house sheets beeding stuffedtoys throw pillows away toys on bed away carpets need to be washed take every thing off bed lysol the bed every thing needs 2 be in hot water carpets need2 be steamed cleaned with hot water throw away pillows last3 years throw away if you have to yes they can live on floor they can hop


Jennifer D February 9, 2011 at 2:52 pm

call pest control they will come out and spray your house two sometimes three times about three weeks apart-they can come from any place public transportation, friends car, friends house, used furniture from unknowen source etc. the only way to rid them is one part lysol to four parts water-wash everything backs of pictures, tables, baseboards, mist onto your carpet the day they come spray and this will irritatre them out of hiding. Wash all your clothes linens bedding toys with bleach and water and use hot to dry, I put our clothes into black trash bags and set them out in the sun for two days in 104 degree weather. If you do this all and don’t miss anything you can get rid of them in as little as about two months.


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