I’m in search of advice as to how to get rid of BED BUGS. Please help.?

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Question by Suki:
I’m in search of advice as to how to get rid of BED BUGS. Please help.?

I’ve been trying to help my friend get rid of the bed bugs that have somehow taken over his apartment, and it seems that the few things we’ve tried thus far simply haven’t done the trick. He’s absolutely down and out because of the situation, and understandably – it seems like the bed bugs will be around forever.

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Answer by xtx
i thought bed bugs were just a myth…gt a new bed.. i mean how dirty do you have to be to have bed bugs

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susanna April 12, 2011 at 6:02 am

Bed bugs are the new ‘plague”!!.They can travel from place to place easily in peoples clothes and make a new home..It doesn’t mean he is nasty..You will need to get a professional to get rid of them..Does he have a land lord?..It is the land lords responsibility to get rid of the infestation..A new bed won’t solve the problem..Good luck and I hope he makes the owners of the apartment take action..


Savanna ; ♥ April 12, 2011 at 6:36 am

Xtx ; Your not dirty to have bed bugs , Its because they were with the wrong person that had it .

To get rid of them ;
– Get those plastic covers for the mattress .
– Bed bug powder .
– Spray .
– Rubbing Alcohol .
( Remember they get in cracks of walls , & even behind outlets , !


SillyS April 12, 2011 at 6:37 am

If you really want to get rid of them you will take my advice…. you can’t be lazy tho you have to do this very thoroughly cuz the babies are so not visible to the naked eye. I have been bed bug free now for 5 years i think.
As for that answer that stated “how dirty do you have to be to get bed bugs?” NOW THAT WAS JUST PLAIN IGNORANT BUT BACK TO THE MATTER AT HAND
Bed bugs are the worst torment there could ever be but I have a simple solution. Before this I had spent over $ 200.00 on chemicals that never worked. This is a very thorough process but if you want to get rid of bed bugs forever then this is your remedy. Things you’ll need:

Old Salt shaker (I used an old garlic powder shaker with the big holes on top
Borax 20 mule team laundry detergent
Salt *regular table salt kosher iodized doesn’t matter
garbage bags

I personally did all my things, clothes, boxes, important documents in containers, carpet, everything. Even if the floor was tile. I took my mattresses outside (you’ll want to)
1st you mix the borax with the salt *1/2 with 1/2
Then shake up and shake powder mixture over everything. When you get to your mattress its best to do outside because you will immediately see them pop off.
2nd with the powder mixture I place all my clothes in plastic garbage bags and then all my shoes and left them in the sun for 3 days
I left mix on my carpet mattresses etc for 24 hours and then vacuumed up. I even vacuumed all the mattress seams and on top of it sides box spring.
Then I made sure i got every corner and outlets, cracks etc. I washed all my sheets blankets in hot water and washed all my clothes in hot water too.
I’m even a lil paranoid and don’t ever want them again so sometimes I leave mix under my bed- just in case!
Then I taped up base boards and outlets with masking tape. and even tho it didn’t look stylish I left it I repeated the whole process 2 more times after that and 3 years later no bed bugs .
It really is a lot of work but is worth it. everything costs less than 10.00


Ted Smithson April 12, 2011 at 7:20 am

Tell him to wash all lines with HOT WATER. Bed bugs cannot live with the temperature over 120 degrees. And apply steam heat on the mattress or on the couch where bed bugs hide at. Then put Bed Bug Powder on the infected area all over…. Not too much. just dust amount of powder.

That powder can be purchased online. And it is reasonable price and works forever. It takes a bit to be effective, but it has kept bed bugs away from us for months. It is non-toxic so that my cat is happy.

Instead of hiring a professional exterminator, I would highly recommend you this powder.


JennyV April 12, 2011 at 8:14 am

Bed bugs are challenging pests to eliminate permanently since they are able to live for several months without feeding. They can hide in many tiny places, so inspections and treatments must be very thorough for a few months to fully eliminate them.

Since you mentioned that your friend has already tried a few things to get rid of bed bugs already, I would suggest him to get a bed bug steamer.

A professional bed bug steamer is a must have in the fight against bed bugs. Steam is a proven contact killer for bed bugs and can be used effectively to kill both bed bugs and their eggs instanteously even if they are hidden in difficult or hard to reach spots.

Other ways will include:

Using a stiff brush to scrub the carpets to dislodge any possible bed bugs and their eggs. Vacuum the mattresses, bed frames, carpets and upholstered furniture paying particular attention to any cracks, crevices and open spaces.

Encasing your mattress and pillows with professional bed bug proof encasing.

To kill bed bugs, you should also remove and wash bed linen and garments in hot water (minimum 120°F) for at least 20 minutes.

At times to fully eliminate bed bugs, it may be necessary to throw out heavily infested items, especially bed frame or any upholstered furniture.

If you are still unable to take care of it yourself, hire a professional licensed pest management professional and make sure that they have a well established history of getting rid of bed bugs.


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