How do I get rid of bed bugs out of a futon mattress?

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My fiance’s old roommate gave him a futon and the mattress has bed bugs. How can we get rid of them without just having to throw the mattress away?

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bp1735 October 13, 2010 at 10:50 am

Throw it out. The only type of chemical that controls them is pyrethrin, but it may not penetrate the fouton deeply enough to kill the bedbugs. Meanwhile, the bugs may get into your sofa or chairs. A few years ago my next door neighbor bought an infested mattress and the little critters got into my apartment. I had an exterminator come several times to spray my apartment and my mattress, but these bugs are very tough and the pyrethrin did not kill them. I had to throw out the mattress. I also didn’t want to sleep on a mattress that was covered with insecticide. My neighbor threw out her mattress too. She was bitten so badly that she had to go to the doctor several times. The whole incident was so disgusting that I can barely write about it without feeling sick! Throw it out.


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