Help getting rid of bedbugs?

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Question by Olivia C:
Help getting rid of bedbugs?

I had been getting terrible itchy welts for a while before I spotted a bug and realized that what I had were bedbugs. I have vacuumed, washed bedding & curtains, sprinkled around diatomaceous earth (a natural substance which kills insects by drying them out) and I just purchased some neem oil. I also bought new pillows and sealed the pillows and the mattress in vinyl zippered covers. I also have an insect spray, and have been spraying that in cracks. If possible, I’d like to avoid using very harsh chemicals. I’d love to hear from someone who has had bedbugs and has ideas on how to get rid of them or what worked for you. I am at my wits end! Also, room is carpeted and I have vacuumed, but I live in an apartment so getting rid of the carpet is not an option. I just want to get rid of the damned things!

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Answer by Meghan
I want to start by saying I am very sorry you are going through it. I got bedbugs about a year ago and it was the worst thing I have ever had to deal with.

I too had to vacuum, clean sheets, etc. Nothing got rid of them until I bought a product called Good Night by Sprayway. It comes in a light blue aerosol can with a white lid. I bought it at ACE hardware. It is not a dangerous chemical. It smells bad and you should wear a mask when you spray it to avoid inhaling it, but after a couple hours the smell goes away and you should be rid of your problem I really hope it works for you! Good luck!

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fenx March 23, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Bed bugs are the hardest insects to get rid of. They can live for 10 months without a meal. They like to frequent the receptacles in the walls, and they love living in the seems on the sides of your bed. I would remove the bed, and vacuum around the metal frame. You should also remove the receptacle covers from the wall and check in there to see if any are in there. You also want non-toxic insecticide and you can Get some good ideas from A&E’s new Exterminator series, as the star of the show, Billy, uses non-toxic insecticides all the time. Some are made from crushed chrysanthemums plants,and some from natural oils.
Good Luck!


pamela March 23, 2011 at 9:13 pm

They are very hard to get rid of because the can live up to 1 year without eating and will hide in the outer areas of carpet under the carpet strips. and when it comes to bedding or furniture get rid of it . the sprays and powders don’t work, they will keep coming back. you can pull up the carpet strips and spray with kills, that will seal the eggs so they cant hatch, also remove light switch covers and outlet covers and spray with kills they like to lay eggs there too. Good Luck!


SusieQ March 23, 2011 at 9:57 pm


Eventually you may need an exterminator but before you head that direction you may want to try to deal with this on your own with some chemical free products that are effective on bedbugs.

There are several sprays that kill them and their eggs on contact like BedBugTerminator by Kleen-Free and a few others.

Ultimately you may need to get an exterminator in which will be costly and will need you to leave your apartment for a day or two while the chemicals wear off but you may want to start off with a do it yourself solution that works.

Good luck and hang in there


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