What do bedbug bites look like?

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Question by xx_nightmare_of_war_xx:
What do bedbug bites look like?

I have bites all ove rmy body, they look like mosquito bites?…what could they be? Ive checked my bed over and over and OVER for bed bugs but never ever see any bugs of any kind. Its only when I sleep in my bed at night. I slept on a different mattress for awhile, using the same blankets and never got any bites. Help??
please suggest other options other then get rid of the mattress and buy a new one. this is NOT an option for me. I can barely afford groceries every 2 weeks, let alone get a new mattress!

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Answer by artic ranger
They’re very small and look like ticks, search bedbugs on the net for more info.

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Annmarie G March 20, 2011 at 5:11 am

change ur sheets and see if that helps if not, then get rid of ur mattress and buy a new one


Maria M March 20, 2011 at 6:04 am

Are you in an apartment? If so, call the management office and have them send an exterminator. There won’t be a charge to you. Bed bugs are coming back. They are very expensive to get rid off. You can go online and type in bed bugs. It will show you pictures of the bugs and also what the bites look like. You can put your clothes in the dryer for about ten minutes, and that will kill any bedbugs on them. Bedbugs don’t like heat! Good luck!!


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