Has anyone ever had to rid their apartment of bed bugs?

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Question by Candikane121:
Has anyone ever had to rid their apartment of bed bugs?

My upstairs neighbors moved and all of a sudden my roomates room is infested with bed bugs. We threw her bed away and it was all good for like a week. Then I started waking up with red mosquito bit looking things on me. I went online to research what bed bugs bites look like, and that is what I have. Did anyone ever have to get bed bugs out of their apartment? These bites hurt like hell. Please help.

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I have read that there is an epidemic of bed bugs in lots of countries. Hotels, bed and breakfasts and any place they offer overnight accomodations can be affected. I didn’t want to travel anyway. You need to vacuum everything because they get into all the nooks and crannies. You might have been able to save that mattress. They are noctournal which means they move at night and sleep during the day. This only means you need to spray or vacuum often. They can be hiding anywhere. I believe I would contact a large hotel or motel and find out how they handle bedbugs. I am sure they have lots of money-saving tips for you and would gladly share advice. Go online and see if you can find some advice from others who have dealt with this. Good luck!

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jean ann j February 6, 2011 at 4:09 pm

No. Alcohol is good for the bites.

They come out of the walls at night. Your apartment has them in other places.

They are a form of tick.

Something with cedar in it. Hotels use cidercide that has to be ordered online. You could check to see if some stores have some cider guard, like Lowes or places that sell stuff for animals, and see if it can be used inside. Maybe Wal Mart.

A zip up matresses plastic cover will keep the bugs in. Have to do this for a year.

Use bleach in mop water.

Wash what you can with 70% alcohol.

Wash everything with baking soda in the wash and vinegar in the rinse. It is best to keep the clothes and material things in plastic boxes or bags.

Add alcohol to the cleaner in a steam cleaner for the carpet.

Baby powder kills beetles and ants. Why not bed bugs? This or, both, boric acid powder, made to kill roaches, along the baseboards to see if it works or until you can find the cidar guard or something like it. If they get in the hair, hair cream rinse, then white vinegar.


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