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Choosing the right bed bug treatment will help you to effectively eliminate these unwanted pests quickly and simply. There are a number of ways you can do this and considering your particular circumstances will help you to choose the best option for your situation. If you are looking at the best bed bug treatment options for hotel rooms for example, then you’ll need to consider something different from insect treatments in a family home. You’ll also need to consider that treatment of these pests will probably need to involve more than just a call to the pest exterminators if you want to be confident that the bugs don’t return in the future.
About treating for bed bugs

The most usual form of bed bug treatment is to exterminate the bugs using a spray chemical that will kill the bed bugs and prevent them from continuing to grow in numbers at your property. This spray chemical is not harmful to humans or to pets, however it can be advisable to take precautions to avoid fish or reptiles being exposed. The best option is to speak with your pest control expert to clarify exactly how long these pets need to be protected following a chemical treatment. Once the extermination has taken place, the bugs should be gone within 2 to 3 days, however it is important to consider that any unhatched eggs could mean it takes longer before the problem is fully resolved. With the very worst infestations it may even be necessary to repeat the chemical treatment.

Bed treatments
Bed bugs got their name because they have a strong preference to inhabit sleeping areas, where they can feed nocturnally on humans and animals. In your home, this means the bed, hence the name bed bugs. Bed treatments are chemical treatments that are designed specifically to target bed bugs that inhabit the bed, bed frame, mattress and bed linen. By targeting these specific areas, the idea is that the bed bug treatment gets straight to the heart of the problem.

Hotel rooms
It is generally advised to use a spray treatment when treating hotel rooms for bed bugs. Spray treatments are among the most effective and for a hotel that is potentially losing profits while rooms are unavailable, the quickest, most effective is extermination option is definitely the best. An additional factor to consider alongside any bed bug treatment is the potential spreading of the bugs. This can happen if housekeeping staff are not careful about the handling of linen and it can also be possible for bugs to spread via any ducting in the hotel.

In the home
Using a bed bug treatment in the home is most effective when you use it alongside of a number of ‘deep cleaning’ processes. To do this, you may want to consider having suitable surfaces steam cleaned and you should make sure that you thoroughly clean items of bed linen, mattresses, upholstery, the inside of bed parts, the underneath of the bed, in and under furniture around the areas infected and so on. As well as this, you should look at patching any cracked walls and sealing up any gaps or crevices where the bugs can hide and live undetected.

Combining effective pest management alongside of the most appropriate bed bug treatment will ensure the successful extermination of the pests. This is done through cleaning, controlling the spread of the insects and the use of chemical treatments; each in conjunction with the other to reduce the possibility of the bugs remaining present.

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