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My gf thinks she had bedbugs. it all happend when she went to her gf’s slumber party, and she slept over. she woke up with bites but they thought it was from a mosquito. now 3 days later, she has them agen. it mightve been a single bedbug that caught on to her shirt on or something. my question is, can all bedbugs lay eggs? like say if it was a male bedbug, would it be able to multiply on its own? or will it eventually die and stop biting her. im scared ima catch them as well. exterminators are way too expensive cuz its not like she has a whole den of em. so what to do?

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Susan S September 17, 2010 at 6:08 pm

The males are less likely to bite, but a virgin female would bite more, and neither one can reproduce on its own. I have read that bedbugs tend to bite in groups of 3 bites. While bedbugs can live a long time without blood, they eventually will die, especially if youlive where it gets hot in summer.
It is very hard to do an inspection for bedbugs when you only hope to find one of them.
She should discreetly ask her gf if they have developed a bedbug problem.


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