Would fleas or bed bugs cause tiny blood spots on sheets?

Question by Mari: Would fleas or bed bugs cause tiny blood spots on sheets? I just recently found tiny blood spots all over my sheets, I also recently found fleas on my dogs, but I am not sure if fleas can cause blood spots on anything, if not that then I am suspecting bed bugs […]

Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog Demonstrating Detection Skills On Channel 7 – NY

Channel 7 News- New York in its coverage of the New York Bed Bug epidemic featured Bell Environmental’s Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog and his handler to the studio demonstrating our dog’s training and detection skills.

Bed Bug Detection Dog in Training – Falco K9 Academy

Quick video of Bed Detection Dog training. This is Bo and this is his first “blind’ search. In other words the odor is not visible…he can only smell the live bed bugs. This is also the first time I am not leading him and he is searching on his own. And lastly, this is also […]

Bed Bug Detection and Removal: Initial Inspection

Bed Bug Detection Dogs – Falco K9 Acdemy

At Falco K9 Academy we have been inundated with requests for Bed Bug Detection Dogs. We have developed an excellent program for training the Bed Bug Detection Dog to find LIVE bed bugs only. This vedio wil give you a basic idea o four program.

Bed Bug Detection and Removal: Mattress Inspection

Western Pest Services – Canine Bed Bug Detection -With 800 hours of intensive training, our dogs are a cutting edge addition to our array of pest control services, and are capable of sniffing out pesky bed bugs in your home or buildings. Have a real pest problem? Fight back with Western Pest Services: request a free home inspection at Or, follow […]

Bed Bug Detection and Removal: Perimeter Inspection

Bed Bug Detection and Removal: JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs 2 (Blue)

PepeDogs Bed Bug Detection dogs

Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Dog Trainer Pepe Peruyero demonstrates the use for detection dogs for bed bugs.