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Freeze Bed Bugs in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Columbus OH, use Cryonite to kill or exterminate Bed Bugs pictures at Toll Free 1 877 411 0053 Freeze Bed Bugs in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Columbus OH-Cryonite! We are not exactly sure when they arrived in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Columbus OH but they are certainly here now. They are watching our movies, reading our books and riding our buses. They are also hanging out in the lobbies of five star hotels and slumming around downtown. Bedbugs were originally brought to North America by European colonists and their presence has been documented on the island of Jamaica since 1720. But there is a new European kid on the block, who is here to FREEZE bed bugs back into their holes! It is called Cryonite and it uses Dry Ice to create a snow that overwhelms the defenses of Bed Bugs, Flour Beetles and Cockroaches and flash freezes them. Unlike chemical treatments they can never become resilient to freezing, unless they learn to grow a fur coat in milliseconds. Not this week! Cryonite is easy to use, organic and free of chemical residue, goes on dry and does not stain, kills adults, larvae and eggs (something chemicals can’t do), is effective on bedbugs, beetles, moths and cockroaches, hook it up like a BBQ and spray it like a pressure washer. It is Exceptional at reaching into cracks and crevice, between carpets and walls, electrical equipment, hard to

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