Can you catch bed bugs from person to person?

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Question by Wadia B:
Can you catch bed bugs from person to person?

I dont want to catch bed bugs! I was at a place where i heard about 5 people say they have bed bug so i was wondering if i could catch them just by sitting next to them.

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Answer by James D
They can travel in clothing but it’s unlikely. You’re more likely to get them on you from sitting on a couch or bed at a place that has them. Bed bugs usually just stay hidden and only come out to feed during the night, they don’t stay on people’s bodies but there is a chance they could get on your clothes.

If you’re worried, you can wash your clothing and bedding on hot. Good luck, they are a real pain to deal with.

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"Nice Beaver" January 28, 2011 at 7:09 am

Bedbugs feed on human blood, as do fleas – but unlike fleas they feed only in the dark (attracted by the CO2 we exhale) and then return to their hiding place. It would be very rare for them to remain on a person and therefore, catching them from another person is highly unlikley


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