Eye Allergies and Bed Bugs – what to do?

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Question by jennainhiding:
Eye Allergies and Bed Bugs – what to do?

For years, my right eye has gone through phases where it waters uncontrollably. This leads to redness and dryness, even if I just blot the tears away. It is especially bad in the wind. This also happens if use certain types of mascara. I can not pinpoint exactly what I am allergic to so I don’t know what to avoid. Any comments or suggestions about this? Second, I have bed bugs. I have seen these bugs for years but did not know what they were. I’ve even found them in my car (obviously transported by me). The place I am living now is where I grew up. I lived there off and on over the years. I know this place has had bugs for at least 15 years – even if maybe they went away and came back? I don’t know. I doubt the bugs are confined to just my room – I know the other members of the house won’t want to ‘exterminate’ the issue because of the inconvenience and money. What do I do about this? I frequently sleep at my friend’s house – do you think I brought the bugs to his house?
That’s just it – I did not know what bed bugs were. When you’re a little kid and you’re being raised in filth, with all kinds of bugs (from a farm and stuff), what are you supposed to do? Several people have lived in and out of that house – how come nobody else has cared or complained? The upper floor where I live is actually immaculate, besides the bugs. As far as the eye goes, every time I visit a dr,. they say it’s pink eye and prescribe the same thing. The latest dr said it was an eye allergy and gave me something else (didn’t work). I found one good otc eye medicatin (Opcon-A), but it is not working as well as it did the first time I used it.

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Answer by Shanna V
Ok well, Close your eyes, click your heels and ask to be moved to an un-bed bug place!

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ladybugewa April 11, 2011 at 7:21 am

Yes. You bring them with you wherever you go.
They drink your blood and transmit diseases. Serious diseases.
You need to move out of the bug infested filth you live in.

I also wanted to add that it’s entirely possible the bugs are the cause of allergies. Roaches can. Your bed bugs transmit bacteria, viruses, toxins.


Jay K April 11, 2011 at 8:03 am

Gross!! how could u live w/ bed bugs 4 15 yrs. I’d rather live in a tiny dingy–clean, BUG Free environment than a SEEMINGLY nice place that was infested by blood sucking vermin. I feel the need to say it again-GROSS!


lollipop April 11, 2011 at 8:54 am

Eyes … It probably isn’t an allergy. Eyes water a lot when they are dry. That is how the eye tries to hydrate itself. The best thing to do for dry eyes is to use eye drops. The eye may dry out because it doesn’t stay tightly close when you are sleeping. Also, concentrating on a computer monitor or reading material, not blinking frequently enough, can dry the eye. A dry room in the winter or a ceiling fan in the summer will also dry the eye. A real dry cornea is very painful. Talk with your eye doctor about it.

Bedbugs … yeah, you are probably taking them every where you go.


peahiwahine April 11, 2011 at 9:20 am

I’d move. When you do, wash everything you own or possibly can wash in hot soapy water. Get your car cleaned inside as well. If they were bed bugs though, you’d typically be covered in a rash because they literally do bite.

In the mean time, because obviously you can’t just move right away, there are some things you can do. Places like Target and Walmart sell inexpensive plastic mattress and pillow case covers. Wash your bedding (comforter and sheets) in hot water, then put the plastic coverings on your bed and your sheets over them. These plastic covers are found in the bedding department and zip around your entire mattress and pillow case(s).

This will help: kill those little suckers, provide you with peace of mind, temporarily keep you from being exposed to them. If you find that your eye doesn’t improve *after* you move to a new place, see an allergy specialist. He/she can test you to see what if any allergies may be causing your eye to water.

Sometimes stress can be the cause as well.


Laugar May 3, 2011 at 1:14 pm

At night the little critters drink saline from your eyes, hence, the irritation. Stop sleeping in filth!


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