what do i do if my hotel room has bed bugs?

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Question by Candace:
what do i do if my hotel room has bed bugs?

4:00 this morning i woke up to bed bugs….ewwww…wat wuld u do??they said they r movin us to a new room

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Answer by HaRRY pOTTer LUVr
Yuck, not a good hotel.
I would check for any more bugs in your room, if there are more, I would go to a different hotel. That’s just plain gross.
LOL, good luck 😛

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ana April 10, 2011 at 1:54 pm

All beds have bed bugs…but it probably less at home then in a hotel. The Hotels have more bed bugs and infections that can be caught if the hotel if isn’t clean enough. So there’s not much to do until you get the new room.


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