any solution for bedbugs?

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Question by suripunjabpower:
any solution for bedbugs?

there are many bed bugs at my home,and no pesticide spray is able to eradicate it…is der anything i can do about it???

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Answer by Grace H
try asking a professional cleaner

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BeachBum818 April 8, 2011 at 5:38 am

Well it sucks that you have them in winter because usually you can just wrap the mattress in plastic…like a saran wrap and leave it outside in the sun. The plastic acts like a green house trapping the heat and killing the bugs, it also suffocates them. Its what they used to do in the hospitals. You can try wrapping the mattress in the plastic and maybe putting it in a warm room for a day or two. What do you have to lose? Sleep on the couch while the mattress is wrapped up.


eccentricgreen April 8, 2011 at 5:56 am

You need a powder that isn’t toxic to you. You should call a pest control company – ask for organic control.


Michael S April 8, 2011 at 6:13 am

Get some diatomaceous earrth from perma-guard, it’s non-toxic, and it will take care of your problem. It will also kill other insects that may inhabit your house.

Reply (Consultant) April 8, 2011 at 7:02 am

try putting lavander leaves between your matress and your sheet, the smell keeps them away


magnetic_azimuth April 8, 2011 at 7:39 am

most of the answers you got are inadequate for the cure

in my dealing with bed bugs for the army, where they had become infested in billets (rooms for soldiers like tiny apartments) a typical room of 10×14 would required on average 4 gallons of pesticide, (tempo, with a growth regulator) and that was not enough to kill the things.

i have had some emails asking how to kill them and it is complicated. i had to kill all of them immediately. to do this, i had to do things which required notification to the local police, base EPA, Safety, the unit command, the garrison commander, prepare a hazmat response for the fire department and about 100 other things.

i did kill the population within a 30 day window, (it takes time to do all this) but the typical cost to remove bed bugs from a home, is about 8,000 dollars on the east coast, and will probably take 14 months.

you need to keep a calender, each time you treat for bed bugs, the clock starts again, and the time is 18 months, if no bed bugs are seen, the property is considered clear and clean.

prevention is the key, but you already have them.

in a nutshell, every crevace must be treated with a pesticide for the target creature and a growth regulator to prevent eggs that hatch from maturing must be used as well.

using raid, or other products will not work. the use of heat by sunlight will work if you can get a temperature (core of material) that is in excess of 120 degrees for at least 2 hours. 110 will kill them, but getting that temperature inside a matress would require an oven.

i had to kill bedbugs in cars also, in winter and it required a lot of trouble to get 120 degrees inside the car with an outside temp of 26F.

if you are not up on the use of pesticide, you risk poisoning yourself, your family and the loss of your home by the EPA for being a toxic dump.

to answer beyond this is to invite would be exterminators to do things that would cause harm.

get a professional who has documented experience with bed bugs. i would suggest you have a contract that spells out exactly what they are doing, require MSDS sheets for the pesticide, and research the subject so you can talk intelligently about it.

i wish you well, but to be honest, it will take you time. i myself would use a method to kill them that is a one time treatment. the cost would be high, requiring all that i stated above after a 2nd treatment of the billets failed to kill the bugs and the pesticide was killing them by the zillions, the floor was covered, and they just kept coming back.

edit: why the thumbs down, i am wrong, point it out


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