could this be bed bugs or something else?

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Question by vαℓєяιє:
could this be bed bugs or something else?

a couple days ago i laid down in my bed and all of a sudden i started to get really itchy..and its been like this since that day..i get little bumps like if a mosquito had bit me..and its itchy..but i dont know if its bed bugs..i tried to look for them but i cant find anything..what do you think it is?..
what a way to get rid of them without calling an exterminator and spending a lot of money?

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Answer by bonanza
It’s bed bugs alright unfortunately. The easiest way to get rid of it is to buy a new mattress. Do NOT sleep on the mattress you are using now because you may get diseases that these bed bugs might carry. An exterminator can help you get rid of it but its not worth it. Throw out the mattress, vacuum under the thrown-out bed and the entire room by moving the furniture, then buy a new mattress and there won’t be any more bed bugs. But definitely get this done soon!

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