How do I get rid of bed bugs without spending too much?

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Question by Thauseef:
How do I get rid of bed bugs without spending too much?

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Answer by Hot Couture
Buying a new mattress… seriously…. they will come back. you will spend more money on trying to get rid of them, then just replacing the thing..

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twobeautifulgirls April 6, 2011 at 9:39 am

I have heard Tea Tree oil works well for bed bugs, maybe add it to the wash when you do your sheets and bedding…. also spray a little directly onto the mattress, and remember to wash the sheets weekly and air out the bedding in the sun. Get the mattress and carpets steam cleaned also, as this will kill the bugs off.


Rawky April 6, 2011 at 10:18 am

Hi! I just recently had the issue! I found the problem before it got to out of hand. I went to home depot and bought two cans of bed bug and flea spray by hot shot. I took all my sheets pillow cases and all and washed them in hot water aswell as my pillows. I sprayed my mattress and and box spring with the spray. I also went to bed bath and beyond and bought a small clothing steamer. I vaccumed my mattress with a hose attachment to get any bugs or eggs around the edges that I can and can’t see. I then steamed my mattress. I did this process of steam and spray and vacumming for about 2 days and just then kept up with just spraying the mattress. I also owned a steam vac so I treated the carpet. These bugs and their eggs can’t stand heat over about 115. I also bought a mattress zipper incasement for the mattress. I put everything back and its place and did one last spray around the floor and walls..and checked everywhere. When you vaccume! Please make sure u empty the bag immediatly afterwards in ur garage or outside into the trash. I have been in my room for a 2weeks now..have not see a thing!! 🙂 Its a lot of work but it was better than paying orkin 450 to do exactly that plus 76 every other visit. You can do it! Trust me!! 🙂 I did! 🙂


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