On morning of day 2 of our vacation, we found we were sharing our hotel beds with bedbugs!

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Question by Sharon M:
On morning of day 2 of our vacation, we found we were sharing our hotel beds with bedbugs!

They were crawling up the walls too! The manager sent a maid to gather up the sheets (no plastic bag), and gave us a full refund. Now, a week later, my son is covered with over 201 bites and my daughter is breaking out also. How can I find out if anyone else in the motel has bites, or if it had been reported? Does the motel keep records of this, and do they have to turn that info over? We are all freaking out, and my kids are miserable. Any legal ramifications?

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Answer by Tonya J
Oh my goodness. I wish I could give you legal advise, but the only thing I could tell you is that if it gets bad enough a lawyer could get the hotel to cover the doctor bills. Hopefully you let the manger know of the problem. I am sure you did since you got a complete refund.
Unfortunately, Most hotels do not keep records of stuff like that.
Good luck.

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mommy2B April 3, 2011 at 12:47 am

OH MY GOSH ! see that is why i dont sleep under the covers or even go to hotels for that matter …. its a phobia of mine lol…. well first i would call the better business bureou ( how ever you spell it) or if there a union…call them ! ASAP ! take pics of your kids bites for proof, if you talked to a manager be sure you got their name as well…. and i would seriously get someone in trouble !


Windy April 3, 2011 at 1:24 am

You should call the board of heath and report the hotel. They had to have known about it since the bedbugs don’t just suddenly appear in that number. Good thing you got a refund. You could probably sue for any medical bills and the cost of the other hotel you had to pay for. Make sure non of your suitcases brought any of them home and there aren’t any in your clothing. There was a Holiday Inn in MA that had to be exterminated recently. You definitely would want to get a lawyer to sue for your medical and other hotel payments. The lawyer could find out any other info you had on it.

What is the name of the hotel? I just want to know so I can avoid it!
I just did a google search to find out if I had the right hotel chain, (I did) and got this site. It’s a registry to find out if the hotel you plan to go to has ever been infested. Good to know beforehand!



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