HELP!! I need some advice about what to do for moving out(evicted and bedbugs and the landlord)?!?!?

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Question by Katie M:
HELP!! I need some advice about what to do for moving out(evicted and bedbugs and the landlord)?!?!?

Ok here is the thing. The landlords first off stink. The most recent example of this is we got evicted because of not paying our rent. Which even though the land lord said she would work with us and never did thats fine. Well about 3-4 weeks ago I found a bed bug in my bathroom. I called the Landlord and like always couldn’t get ahold of them so I left them a message telling them about it. I ahd already knew that the people above us had said that theyhad a problem with them. Well more people called to let them know and we also called places like the health department and the KY community action center. Well on Tuesday (when we were supposed to be out) I called once agian to see if we could get a little bit more time to get things cleaned up because I have two little girls and I didn’t want to take the bed bugs with us to the new place since they hadn’t got a pest control person out there. She said that I would have to talk to her boss and that someone was out there and the problem was taken care of and there are no bed bugs. So than I called the boss and she said the same thing and even called I guess the landlord back and confirmed she had paper work. Well all the neighbors including the ones that have the the problem said there has never been anyone out here here too check. After that I called the pest control company that works on these apartments and they confirmed that no one had been out here to look for bedbugs they were out here to spray around the building a couple of weeks ago and thats it. Well so today they were here and did confirm that what we found were bed bugs and that they were majorly infested upstairs. So now here I am and I don’t mind moving uot cause I am sick of dealing with these people but I want more time to get stuff cleaned up so I don’t take them with us because of there inability and laziness to get someone out here sooner. Any one have any ideas they would be greatly appriciated!!! Thanks!!
A note.. these are income based apartments here to work with you when you have a low income but they never did even though they did tell us that they would… And I am not argueing that eviction I want to get out of here as fast as possible. And we have another place to go. I just don’t want to take the bed bugs with us when they should have had a pest control out here to take care of the problem before they had a chance to spread.

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Answer by Terifairi
First off, maybe you should have paid your rent. A roof over your head is a priority when paying bills especially when you have kids. Secondly, bedbugs live in old furniture especially mattresses. For instance if you buy an used chair or something and it has bedbugs you can infect the whole building basically. The bedbugs were probably brought in by you or the other tenants and they are hard to get rid of. I have heard of people getting them from staying in a hotel room and the bugs hitching a ride in the suitcase. Bedbugs leave bloody trails on stuff, walls, mattresses because they poop blood. If you see this then you know you have a problem. Also, they leave red marks on the victim.

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ananamas April 2, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Nope, you are now a tenant holding over and you really don’t have any rights, so they are not going to do anything for you and they really have no obligation to. You should just move as quickly as possible.


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