Bed bugs? Exterminator?

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Question by I Am Da Bomb:
Bed bugs? Exterminator?

I think I have bed bugs, and I wanted to know what the exterminator will do and how long it will take.
IE, he will fumigate the house for X days.
But whatever it is, what will the exterminator DO? Spray stuff? Tent my house and fume it all? Pour stuff? How long does the process(es) take?

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Answer by John
Only your exterminator can make that determination.

Pets, if you have pets, thats a complicating factor.

Could be fleas, could be lice, bedbugs etc.

Most critters and their larvae cannot survive a trip through the washer and a dryer on a hot setting.

If your mattress is old, then maybe it’s time for it to go too.

Time for a serious house cleaning, evaluate possible causes, get a exterminator in there and get all of your bed things through the laundry.


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♥ Shortstuff ♥ April 1, 2011 at 5:05 am

The exterminator may spray the entire home,yard, & garage if you have one in one visit. Depending on the size of your home, yard, etc. it could take the exterminator close to an hour to spray. The spray does not have a strong after odor once he’s gone. I have Terminix come three times yearly, to spray inside & out. The guy will also look for red ant nests in your yard, & will check your home outside for hornet’s nests, etc.


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