Pesticides used to kill bed bugs(professional exterminator), how would it harm a small adult cat?

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Question by theplantlady.barbara:
Pesticides used to kill bed bugs(professional exterminator), how would it harm a small adult cat?

What would be signs of poisoning? How many days would/could it live if exposed?

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Answer by Ellen
Hello! Cats are particularly susceptible to pesticides. The liver in a cat is just not able to” filter” the pesticide from the blood as well as a dog or humans for that matter. This is toxic to them. The smaller the cat the easier it would be for these chemicals to do harm. Most often , poisoning will present either as some frothing at the mouth, perhaps some gastrointestinal issues ie; vomiting, diarrhea, inappetance. How is initially presents strongly depends on the mode of transmission. If your cat somehow ingested the pesticide, the more likely it would be to see the frothing at the mouth and gastrointestinal issues. If it is a matter of pure exposure over a period of time, your cat would likely present as being very neurologic. Meaning, the nervous system is being affected. You may see a head tilt, difficulty walking, seizures, seemingly blind etc…Even if ingested, your cat would most likely, at some point, have neurological symptoms as the pesticide is just not being filtered out of the body. If you are seeing any of these symptoms with your cat, you need to get the little one to a Vet as soon as possible. There are things that can be done to make your cat more comfortable while trying to get the pesticide out of his/ her system. Even if your cat is not presenting that badly, a trip to the Vet is needed so there can be a decision made as to the treatment of possible poisoning. This is very important as waiting could prove devastating. I hope that you are seeing none of the symptoms that I wrote in your cat and this is all in vain. I also hope that this has somehow been helpful to you and that your little one is just fine. Best of luck to you!

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