how to get rid of bedbugs?

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Question by kelsiesmommy:
how to get rid of bedbugs?

my family and I moved into a new place a couple months ago. My husband and I have started noticing all these little red bumps all over our bodies when we wake up in the morning and each morning they are getting worse and worse. then the other night at like 2 am my husband walked into our bedroom and flipped on the light and seen two little bedbugs running across our bed.we started searching through all our blankets and found two more..I am really worried that they are in my children’s rooms can we get rid of them..we cant really afford to buy new mattresses.. I am also very worried that they could be in our couch..

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Answer by Shawn Brunais
I saw a tv show once where they used an exterminator. The exterminator used a heat system and treated the whole house. It had to make the inside of the entire room that they were working on to 165 deg. I hope this helps.

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concerned for america God Help! March 28, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Bad critters… Dang near impossible with insecticide.. DDT was used years ago, but it is bad stuff!. You need professional help. New bedding may be in order, but furniture and cracks anywhere are good hiding places… 🙁


jean ann j March 28, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Places like Target and Wal Mart have mattress covers that can be put on the mattresses. They cover the whole mattress and need to stay on them for over a year. Bedbugs can go a year without eating.
The bugs go inside the walls during the day and their other hiding places and come out at night..
They can get in couches, under the edges of carpet, under night stands and other places.


Anna Mathilda March 28, 2011 at 11:03 pm

Better wash your all mattresses and spray JT EATON bedbug sprayer to your mattresses and you can get rid of them completely. if you feel the bed bugs are huge in number then call to exterminator


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