Staying in hotel with BEDBUGS—Prevention Measures, PLEASE HELP!!! 10pts?

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Question by John:
Staying in hotel with BEDBUGS—Prevention Measures, PLEASE HELP!!! 10pts?

I’m a high school student and I qualified for Nationals with my debate team. We are going to DC for the competition in may and I’ve really taken note of the Bed Bug Breakout across the country. The hotel is the Marriott Wardman Park and they have 6 reports of bedbugs on I am nervous for the trip.

Now i’ll have my own room, so I’m not worried about looking like a freak around my peers, but I was wondering what preventative measure I should take. The last thing I need is to bring these home with me!

So what should I do?



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Answer by UPsideDOWN
Did you know you have bedbugs in your very own bed? Yep yep yep! If you are worried sick, spray on some bugspray before bed. Problem=solved

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Bed Bugs Handbook March 28, 2011 at 3:11 pm

There’s no need to be nervous. Hotels like the Marriott understand how to treat rooms and protect against infestations spreading. The best defense against bed bugs when traveling is to do the following:

1. Spray your luggage with a bed bug spray before packing (see resource for suggested products),. This will repel bed bugs for 3 to 6 weeks so you can’t pick them up during your travels.

2. Use luggage liners or pack inside a ziploc big bag and then place big bag in luggage.

3. Inspect the mattress and head board when you arrive. If there are no brown or red marks around the mattress seams in your room, you’ll be fine.(see pictures in resource)

4. Do not keep clothes in drawers, place hanging clothes in bathroom if you can

5. keep luggage elevated and zipped

6. Only bring washable clothes if you can. Upon returning home, remove plastic big bag and bring to your washing machine. Bring dry cleaned clothes directly to the dry cleaner.

7. If you are still worried, you can try a natural bed bug repellent skin spray. It will not repel 100%, but the manufacturer claims most will be repelled (2nd resource)

8. When you check in ask that you do not want to be in a room or next to a room that was treated for bed bugs.

I included a good resource with travel tips and recommended products below.


Ernie S March 28, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Bring a sleeping bag and pillow and sleep on the floor.


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