where did the bedbugs go?

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Question by shyguy22:
where did the bedbugs go?

A few months ago, it was full-on war with the bedbugs. Those pesky blood-suckers had tortured me for months, and i knew the proper treatment for them was going to be more expensive than I could afford. So I did what I could. I bagged up all my clothes. I bought bed-bug spot treatment and sprayed it in every nook and cranny, I wrapped my mattress in plastic, I was vigilant. This wasnt just in my bedroom. My housemates also were affected and dealt (or didnt deal) with the problem their own way. For the next few months, as the weather got colder, it seemed their numbers were declining, and perhaps I would see the occasional one around but I wouldnt wake up with bites anymore.

Now its february, and while they are still active in other bedrooms in the house, I have not spotted any in my room for a month. What are the chances that they are truly gone from my room, and perhaps have gone after easier prey? How would I be able to defend my area from being reinfected (if they arent just hibernating or something)?

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Answer by jean ann j
As long as your spray is affective, it will keep the bugs out. Your mattress is protected.

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