What can I use to spray a hotel room before occupying – fear of bed bugs.?

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Question by pedalcar58:
What can I use to spray a hotel room before occupying – fear of bed bugs.?

I always remove the bed spread and spray with Lysol before using the bathroom facilities. Also spray the sheets. Wipe the phone and TV control with alcohol swabs.

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Answer by liz
if you are worried about dust mites that are in every mattress and pillows, then you can buy a spray that gets rid of them. google “dust mite” and see what you come up with, it will probably be in an allergy site or a health site. my son has a horrible allergy to dust mites and i have found lot of things to take care of this. lysol won’t work on removing dust mites. you can buy mattress and pillow encasements – but this isn’t a practical solution if traveling and staying in a hotel. good luck to you!!!

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Maiden Heaven March 24, 2011 at 3:17 pm

Lysol would be your safest best if just spraying the room. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to take extra precautions and there has been alot of research done into the cleanliness of hotel rooms. There is a liquid called “Dettol” but I am unsure whether it is available in a spray although you could apply it to a cloth and gently wipe over the bed with it. Dettol will kill bed bugs, etc…


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