Is their anyone out there that had to deal with bed bugs?

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Question by LovelyLady13:
Is their anyone out there that had to deal with bed bugs?

How do you know if you have them?
Thank you i’ll try that.
Where can you find baygon spray?

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Answer by Nae
I never have had to deal with them..but I have read information and watched different news programs about this issue;

You can take off your sheets and look into the little nooks and crannies on your mattress…if you have bed will SEE them crawling around in there.

If you find them..You MUST call in an exterminator. There is no other fool proof way to get rid of those little buggers. They are like lice for your bed. ICKY ICKY!!

Make sure you wash EVERYTHING you can in HOT HOT HOT water…Make sure you vaccuum REALLY well!!

**If you DO have bed bugs you might just see little red bumps on you..I dont know if they itch or just hurt…and sometimes they are in a concentrated area..sometimes they are all over the place.

Good luck to you and I hope you dont have them..hopefully you are just allergic to something (anything would be better than having bed bugs).

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sk_sukla2003 March 22, 2011 at 1:51 pm

You can see them, running away from you, after having delivered a painful and itchy bite.They are browinish red in colour and smelly,if touched.They make their presence known,by their bites.The moment one is near them,either sitting on the bed,sofa etc,they can smell the proximity of the victim and come out to suck blood.Once fed, they retreat in crevices of the bed,corner folds of clothing etc.But they can easily be got rid of, by spraying the bed,furniture and corners of the room with “Baygone”spray, a strong pesticide,which kills all of them instantly.Cleanliness should be maintained all round the house.During the bite,which these bugs inflict,they pump in a strong anti-coagulant at the site of the wound,so that the blood does not coagulate,making it easier for them to suck blood.This anti coagulant causes severe itching and swellings around the bitten site.


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