Need advice on bed bugs prevention?

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Question by Ava G:
Need advice on bed bugs prevention?

I have often bought used flannel sheets from Thrift Stores but now am concerned with the bed bug issue. They have arrived in the city in which I live. I want to know if anyone can advise me about how to prevent them. Do I stop buying clothing and bedding from thrift stores? Or can I keep the merchandise in bags in the cold night air overnight killing any? Does heat (from a clothes dryer) or freezing cold kill bed bugs that maybe present? I don’t know if heat or cold kills them.

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Answer by Nicole
Of course, if you can afford it, I would hold off on buying clothes or sheets from the thrift stores for awhile. If not, then the heat from the dryer (highest setting) will kill them. Cold does NOT kill them. Their bodies can shut down in cold temperatures until they warm up again. And in the case that you end up getting them, never, ever, under any circumstance, use a regular bug bomb. It won’t kill them, it will only make them scatter. There are special pesticides that need to be used to kill bed bugs.

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