What diseases bed bugs can cause?

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Question by Bob:
What diseases bed bugs can cause?

I have come to a conclusion that there are bed bugs in my apartment. Never imagined even in the wildest of my dreams…. We have an infant child and worried what harm these bed bugs are causing to our child. What diseases bed bug can cause? Is there any vaccine we need for our child?
I can see them during day time too and wonder whether they are really bed begs??

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Answer by wyntnhodges
The only treatment for bed bugs is a bath after sleep. Bed bugs are mites that live on the dead skin that we shed daily (nightly) as we sleep. The drowsiness we feel upon waking is the excrement that is on our bodies left by the bed bugs while they are feasting on our dead skin. That is why we feel invigorated after a morning shower, because we wash it off and our breathing improves.

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