Is there a way to test if bed bugs are gone?

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Question by mel75:
Is there a way to test if bed bugs are gone?

found out we had them, treated house, threw out mattress and bed, washed all clothes, etc. Before bringing our new mattress home (currently sleeping on air mattress in living room) and unpacking clothes (currently is plastic bags) is there any kind of test we can do to see if they are gone?

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Answer by Tofu Fool
make somebody sleep on it one night

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Jeff G March 6, 2011 at 6:13 pm

The best way to see if bed bugs are to go and buy bed bug interceptor dishes (climbup interceptors) and place them under each bed leg. They are designed to cause bedbugs to fall into the well of the interceptor when they attempt to climb up onto a bed.

There are other traps available as well which can be found in the resources.


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