Has anybody ever successfully gotten rid of bed bugs?

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Question by kate:
Has anybody ever successfully gotten rid of bed bugs?

We have a mild bedbug infestation in my house. They’re in our couches and bedrooms. We’ve steamed everything at least once. They’ve been around for about a month now, a little less. Has anybody ever successfully gotten rid of these pests and how did you do it?

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Answer by Mable
I would use a hot iron. I don’t know what kind of fabric you have on your couch, If it can be ironed,I would definitely iron it slowly. High Heat kills bed bugs. Iron Mattress too, its wonderful.

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friendlystranger65 March 5, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Call a professional exterminator. I have memories from childhood of burning a mattress and using sulfur candles to fumigate the house.

A mild infestation will not remain mild. Get to them before they drive you out of the house.


Yogesh March 5, 2011 at 6:55 pm

Hi there,my name is yogesh n we had bedbugs multiplying in numbers due to our neighbours,kwell relax They need ur BOLLD to suck n they live on blood,the best way is to get a PESTISIDE frm any of the store who sells the medicine for farmers or go to the farmers store where u get all items related to farm cultivation,get a small bottle which comes in white n its all insect killer,add keroscene,mix it well spray it all accross ur house specially each n every corner of ur bedding ,n also ur cupboard,n make sure there is someone keeping an eye on u ,this medicine may leed to drousiness,so close all the doors n windows,spray it all accross n leave ur house locked for 1 day,spray again the other n lock ur house for 3 days or best is 1 week,Thats the end of the bugs n u’ll will never find them its been 4 years now… NO BUGS


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