Is This a Good Price To get Rid Of Bedbugs?

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Question by theherodrowns16:
Is This a Good Price To get Rid Of Bedbugs?

I have bedbugs in my apartment and it’s getting ridiculous now cause I tried putting on mattress covers which didn’t help and now the bedbugs spread to another room in my apartment so before they continue to spread I called an exterminator from Terminix to check it out and he said it would cost $ 1095.00.Now to me that’s very VERY expensive cause it would only be a 1 month treatment cause we plan on moving but don’t wanna take them with us.Is that the actual price others paid or is he trying to rip me off?

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Answer by grammy
I think the apartment complex is responsible for getting rid of vermin You do not have to pay for it yourself. You can buy stuff to do it yourself but you need to remove the mattress and box springs off the rails as bed bugs hide in the rails and they also hide in the hinges of dresser drawers and night stands. spray then vacuum very good.

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Gotta Know February 24, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Agree with Grammy PLUS like you say, its only one month. Please read and research Horror stories of people who have treated their homes for infestations. This is a complicated process and involves washing EVERY peice of clothing/linen you posses – since its an apartmetn who knows where else they may come from… please research before agreeing to Terminex!


scl February 24, 2011 at 6:07 pm

My worst freaking nightmare! You should get a quote from another exterminator. But you need to act fast-they must be eating you alive.I had them contained to my bedroom. Terminix quoted about $ 500 BUT the terminator then said if I paid him directly, he’d do it for $ 300 (rather than pay Terminix). He said Terminix is high. I paid him directly and he did a great job in one visit. He said that if I still noticed anything within 2 weeks, he’d come back and do another treatment at no charge. He did a great job and no more bedbugs. Of course, I did have to get a new mattress and did a ton of cleaning/throwing out stuff. I’m in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia if that helps w/ any price comparison.


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