Will sevin dust kill bed bugs?

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Question by syo:
Will sevin dust kill bed bugs?

I have found all kinds of information on bed bugs, Most say hire a professional exterminator (can’t afford) burn your bed (it’s almost brand new and also can’t afford a new one) It was suggested to use sevin dust throughout the house and on the mattress then put a mattress cover over it. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Doug C
I would not use Sevin dust inside of a house .A Pyrethrin based insecticide would be better. Pyrethoids are safer for use near human or animals and are the key ingredient in many shampoos used to treat head lice and body lice (i.e. crabs)
Take a look at these websites from Harvard School of public health and the University of Kentucky.


I would buy an anti-allergenic mattress and box-spring cover at a mattress store. These are fairly airtight and with the use of a pyrethiod based insecticide will provide a safe and effective treatment.

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katslookup February 23, 2011 at 9:59 pm

To be honest, you are going to spend more money trying to combat this yourself then if you hire a professional. Call several companies in your area. Try to stay away from the “big guys” because they have higher overhead and their charges reflect this. You really do want to go pro on this.

By the way, I would never use Sevin dust that way. It is not labeled to be used on bedding and can cause major health problems. Good luck to you!


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