Clothing left on bed before discovering bed bugs!?

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Question by ButterflyLove:
Clothing left on bed before discovering bed bugs!?

Hi. I recently discovered I have bed bugs. I was just washing clothes this weekend and placed all of my clothing on my bed after folding them. What are the chances that some on the unseeable baby bed bugs have gotten into my clean clothes? Do I need to immediately wash any clothing that has touched my bed?
After waking up too many nights itchy with little red bumps, I was convinced I had bed bugs. A few weeks before I noticed these mysterious small blotches on my bed that looked like ink spots. I was clueless. Then the little critters began popping up! After researching they showed pictures of the same spots saying they are a sure sign of bed bugs!

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Answer by mshonnie
Oh yes you certainly do, bedbugs will stay alive if you don’t wash everything and you must wash everything in White Vinegar and very hot water for your sheets, and hottest water your clothes can stand, but Vinegar will kill those bedbugs easily, just make sure you wash everything, they also can get in your carpeting, you can make a spray of vinegar in an empty sprayer with fine mist and spray the carpet with the vinegar, do not dilute, also when you wash your sheets and clothes use one cup to a small to medium size load, bigger loads require two cups of vinegar. Good Luck !

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Craig T February 22, 2011 at 7:40 pm

No. Just inspect your clothes. Bed bugs live on blood and carbon dioxide.
Clean and vacuum thoroughly.


joybreaks February 22, 2011 at 8:14 pm

I agree with mshonnie.


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