What should I do to kill all these bedbugs that have have gone to my suitcases in Toronto very dirty Hotels?

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Question by Jack:
What should I do to kill all these bedbugs that have have gone to my suitcases in Toronto very dirty Hotels?

Oh my God, you can’t believe the numebers of Bedbugs that the came with me from Toronto very dirty hotels and motels! These bedbugs really killed me in Toronto and I changed many hotels and motels but yet everywhere even in Subway were full of Bedbugs. Why Toronto is so dirty, killling all torists with Bedbugs and SARS, the Mayor said it is an epedimony, I don’t understand what that means, can anyone tell me, thanks

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Answer by BebBugsToronto
I live in Toronto and I know that bedbugs are really killing all of us, all tourists are running away from Toronto because of SARS and Bedbugs.

SARS has killed many torists and now bedbugs are really bad. The best you can do is to destroy all your cothes, and all your carpets and bedsheets. It may take six months that all their eggs be killed. Sorry, but this is Toronto!

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Karen February 15, 2011 at 8:32 am

To the best of my know edge there is not a real solution for bedbugs. I just came from Toronto too and all my clothes are packet with ‘Torontoians BedBugs’. I was not aware until in sudden i saw whole my body has red spot. I thought it is Spring and I have allergy, but Doctor said it is Bedbugs. I think the Custom should inspect all passengers coming from Canada, in particular from Toronto, and cease thier clothes before the whole World get ‘Torontoians BedBugs’.


Iranian Amigo February 15, 2011 at 9:17 am

I live in a condominium at College Street, Toronto, and in last two years our building is affected by bedbugs.

In September 2005 I had a tent that he was from Montreal and stayed few nights in a hotel in Toronto, then rented my place. I am not sure he brought bedbugs to my condo or bedbugs came from other units, or buyers who came to purchase my condo [ that with this trick they could buy my property cheaper].
I spend a lot of money and time, in cleaning Daily everywhere, from FLOOR to CEILING, with all types of chemicals, yet shockingly bedbugs were keep coming from everywhere.

Then I spend a lot of times to fill all wholes around the walls, that caused that the number of bedbugs were reduced rapidly, yet kept coming.

Finally, after I spend thousands of dollars and hundreds hours, I discovered a “Great and Very Cheap Solution” ….

I went to ‘One Dollar’ Store and I bought a very big sheet of PLASTIC or ‘clear Nylon’ [ About 4 meter x 6 meter] and I opened it over all carpets, then I locate beds over it, and then another sheet over the bed, finally I put all my NEW bedsheets over it. Finally, I WON and all bedbugs have runaway from my Unit!

I have seen that bedbugs were UNABLE to run over Nylon, so the best dress for Toronto, is Nylon material from top to butt! If you MUST come to this city for some kind of business; but I sincerely do not suggest to any tourist to come to this City otherwise he or she is going to cause serious damages to his own people and city.


**STV** February 15, 2011 at 10:13 am

I had same problem went I went to Toronto last year; the best way is that you put every things, I repeat Everythings in a plastic bags, you don’t know where these Canadian Bedbugs finding place to hide, in the Books, In photo Frames at Walls, IN the Tissues Box that you may put on your table or bathroom, in your computer, laptop, TV, radio, and almost everywhere that you may never think of that. So, I suggest you put everything in plastic bags and completely close it, even your under wear.


Me February 15, 2011 at 10:34 am

I had same problem too when I stay only two weeks in Toronto for business. All these Canadian Bedbugs came with me to England without passport:) LOL, My landlord got very upset and send me Notice to leave his property. I really could not find any solution, in new plave that I moved, they came with me too. Thanks for such good question, I find many answers that I hope they help me.


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