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I’m in Egypt touring, and I got hundreds (literally) of bedbug bites. They’re on my face and body everywhere! They’re not that big, but extremely a lot of them. And they keep spreading! They first started on my scalp and then went down my neck, back, and to my stomach, and legs and everywhere else.
Anyone know how to just get rid of them! I’ve been taking a ton of showers, and putting nail polish on some.
If anyone knows anything, PLEASE help.
Thanks, it’s urgent.

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Victoriaaa :) September 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm

The bedbug bites will heal just like any other bug bite, but if I were you I would not be sleeping in that bed anymore or they will eat you alive. Just check under that mattress and you’ll see them, kinda the shape of a lady bug. They come out at night while you’re sleeping and that’s when you get bit.
Put rubbing alcohol on your bites or just leave them alone, but let me say it again – if you continue to sleep where there are bedbugs you will continue to be be bitten.


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