im going to a retreat with my youth group bed bugs in hotal Help?

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Question by Brooke D:
im going to a retreat with my youth group bed bugs in hotal Help?

My friends went to the retreat last year. they slept in the hotal and there where bed bugs. u could also sleep in the cabains but the might have bed bugs there too. How do i check my bed if there is bed bugs when i get there. i already paid to go so i have to go but i don’t like the feeling that bed bugs will be in my bed.

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Answer by butterfliesRfree
There are mites in EVERY older mattress — they are probably in your bed at home……get over it.

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Star S February 12, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Just look at it there are probley lots of bugs and germs on your bed at home it is not a big deal unless they are big and creepy so just get over and have a Great time at your retreat!

Hope I Helped:)


shaneris February 12, 2011 at 8:30 pm

One solution is to get large, thin plastic sheeting ($ 1-50 ea: hardware supplies, for paint cover: use 2) and tuck in tightly, containing them inside. A roach bomb may also work, depending on the size of the room: sleep in your sleeping bag, on top of the covers. Complain to the dept. of health, etc., in writing, NOW, and it might be fixed by that time.


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