Can bed bugs lead to a serious infection?

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Question by Livewithjoy:
Can bed bugs lead to a serious infection?

I think there are bed bugs in this new flat I moved into. I noticed bites every morning on waking up. Recently I developed this arm infection, red and swollen and had to be put on high doses of Penicillin antibiotics.

Is it normal for people to develop infections from bed bug bites???

I will get the flat treated and wash the duvet etc. but is it worth seeing an immunologist? Will can and will he do to help me?
What can and will he do to help me?

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Answer by Windy
An immunologist will only be able to give you an injection once a week to help your body become accustomed to the bites of a bed bug. I don’t think they can do that for bed bugs. They can do it for mold, dust, pollen, etc.
Definitely get the flat sprayed. Bed bugs live in the tiny corners and folds of the mattress. They are hard to eradicate if there are alot of them. If you can buy a new mattress or futon, you’re better off. If not, you will have to have the mattress sprayed and disinfected. Anything that comes in contact with it will need to be sprayed too–curtains, linens, etc. You can google bed bugs and you will find a ton of sites on them.

If you are allergic to bed bugs, you can get seriously ill. It sounds like the bites are infected. The Penicillin should help the infection but you will really need to treat the source.

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Sweet & Stormy February 7, 2011 at 8:06 am

i am not sure what the doc can do for you. i am glad you got antibiotics for the infection. hopefully you did not get a staph infection from them. staph lives on everything around us so it’s not impossible. all it needs is an open wound or a break in the skin. yes bug bites can get infected, any thing can that has a break in the skin. the doc can and will give you advice on the bed bug problem and i suggest that you go and hear him out.

you may want to get a whole new bed and have this one destroyed.

have you thought about the previous tennant and manager helping you with the costs of your medical care and treatments? you should…..

like i always say it’s only a suggestion or my thoughts it’s up to you what you choose to do. have a good day.


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