How to get rid of possible bedbugs?

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Question by Joan:
How to get rid of possible bedbugs?

I just came back from Mexico City I have 3 bedbug bites on my leg, I already opened all the luggage, etc. WHAT DO I DO???~!!!
what?? -_-

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Answer by Bubble Girl

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Azmat February 2, 2011 at 7:12 pm

omg change bed sheets, fumigate. go see a doctor. i am freaking out!!!


Azhar February 2, 2011 at 7:17 pm

call a pest control company NOW!


Ambreen February 2, 2011 at 7:54 pm

you should change your bed and pillow sheets regularly.


clean&sober February 2, 2011 at 8:52 pm

You have a big problem on your hands. I have this problem in the apartment where I live, and let me tell you, it takes a LONG, LONG, time to get rid of. I’ve been fighting it off and on for over 3 years, and that’s even with an exterminator. However, the exterminator is definitely a must. It makes a difference between having thousands of bed bugs, and having only a few. The problem though is those few multiply extremely rapidly. Our apartment complex has been sprayed many, many times, and right now I have several hundred bites still on me. The itching is relentless. Sometimes I wake up and can feel them crawling on my skin, and I flip on the light and kill the ones I see, but usually if you see some, there’s many more of their cousins hiding around that you may never get to see. They love to hide in tiny crevices that you cannot see, such as behind picture frames and electrical outlet plates. We did actually go for a few months without them, but since it is an apartment complex, we got infested again, because our neighbors were careless, and so the bedbugs traveled between the walls, pipes, whatever. It depends on whether you live in a house or an apartment as to whether you will be able to successfully get rid of them for good. It’s really hard in an apartment, because you can do everything right to get rid of them in your own unit, but if your neighbors aren’t doing the right things to keep their units free from bugs, then they will get them again, and it’s only a matter of time before they will reach your unit, as well. Like for instance, our neighbor has a son who comes to visit frequently and stays overnight. He lives in an extremely cheap motel that is way more infested than our complex is, and the owners there do not seem to bother trying to eradicate them very well. So when he comes over, he brings his luggage, which no doubt has bugs in them, and they get out into the apartment, and then they come over to our apartment. Since you already opened your luggage, it is very important to do a number of things. First of all, yes it will be expensive, but an exterminator is a must. This is an absolute nightmare as it is, but without an exterminator’s experience, it will only get worse. Do exactly what they tell you to do to prepare for their visit. You will need to wash every single article of clothing in your house/apt. If it’s something that is dry clean only, you can just put it into a hot dryer for 20 minutes, and it will be fine. Do this even with all your shoes. Vacuum every single day, and more often if you can. Empty the vacuum out into the garbage, seal it, and throw it outside. Put some boric acid inside the vacuum bag, which should kill any bugs you might happen to vacuum up. You’ll need to purchase a beg bug encasement mattress cover now for your bed, as well as any others’ beds in the house. Same things with your pillows; the bugs can crawl through the pillows and live there to come out and feed at night. But these special covers will trap them inside and they will eventually die. Just put them on and keep them zippered up. You might want to put some boric acid or some DE powder inside before you zipper it up, as well. DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth. You want to get what is called Food Grade Diatomacous Earth. This is actually safer for you, and for animals, than boric acid. You can find it at some pet stores, and at feed and tack stores for horses, and farm animals, or you can get it on the net. What it does is when a bed bug comes in contact with this fine powder, they eventually just dry up. But you have to be careful, because it can dry up your eyes. Always wear a mask and goggles when applying it, and try to avoid breathing it in, as the fine dust is not good for your lungs if you breath too much of it in. Also consult the web. There are many fine sites that tell you how to deal with bed bugs, and also the ways you can use DE. Sorry this is so long, but I’ve been there and so I just want to warn you that you’ve got a rough road ahead. Keep a diary of bedbugs that you find everyday. Hopefully the number will become smaller and smaller with the passing of time and help from your exterminator. Good luck!


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